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College Admissions Resources Worth Checking Out


College Admissions Resources Worth Checking Out

David Shin

If you’re applying to college, then you probably know that the admissions landscape looks much different from when your parents applied (if they even did). We have single-digit acceptance rates today where rates in the twenties were rare back then. More students are applying to college than ever. And to top it all off, College Confidential makes it look like all these students are more qualified than any regular human could hope to be. Thankfully, we can point you to some resources that will help you (and your self-esteem) make it through the college admissions process.

For essays, Essay Hell is the way to go. Over the past couple years, Janine Robinson has built up an archive that is as complete as it will ever be. Applying to UT or UC schools? She has articles pertaining specifically to those applications. Want to know how to make your essay stand out? She has that covered. Don’t even know where to start? She’s written about that as well! Don’t let yourself rely on the amateur group-editing of your family and friends — Essay Hell is a great way to supplement any college essay writing strategy (no, I’m not getting paid to say this).

For scholarships, JLV Counseling posts extensive lists. Though if you are a specific type of applicant, especially DACA/undocumented, then you may have a hard time sifting through all of the scholarships posted. This is a step up from Fastweb and Cappex, the scholarship databases, simply because scholarship databases have been known to be unreliable or unhelpful, pushing lottery scholarships to their front pages. If you’re an undocumented student, then there is a master post of scholarships that do not require US citizenship or a social security number here.

One more hidden gem comes from College Confidential (gasp). While I would never recommend scrolling through the forums of this site, the Ask The Dean column provides good advice for those gray area questions. Sally Rubenstone provides consistent answers whose validity that is backed up by her resume. If you must venture on to College Confidential, then consider checking this column out.

Feel free to comment below if you know of any relatively-unknown college admissions resources! These are our picks, and we hope they help you in your journey!