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You can choose the mentor that you would like to work with. Browse the profiles and complete a 5-minute application to a particular mentor. If he or she isn't available, we will let you know of alternative options. Regardless of acceptance, we will provide helpful feedback to you!

Teachers & Counselors

No one knows your students better than you do and our mission is to help them succeed. If you have recommendations, concerns, or comments regarding a particular student or this program, please contact us. We value your input and will try our best to meet specific needs!

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Free College Prep Mentorship - We are volunteer mentors from leading universities like the Ivy League.

Our Mission

In 2013, a group of leaders from Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Michigan saw a fundamental shift in the way education will be delivered in the 21st century. With the onset of serious online learning platforms, e-learning became both a widely accepted and definite future. GlobalMI was formed to take advantage of this trend in the goal of providing access to online education to students without such opportunities.

Using innovative teaching methods with advanced e-learning technologies, this organization aims to spread online education resources to developing areas typically enjoyed only by the affluent. In other words, GlobalMI makes something as expensive as mentorship by Ivy League tutors to as low as free for students around the world.

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